Friday, July 25, 2014

Gravatonia Reborn

Greetings everyone!  My name is Grav Weldon and this is my brand spanking new website.

For almost a decade I maintained a traditional website on my old domain,  The first big change you might noticed is that unlike my earlier website, this is a blog.  I have decided to move to this format for ease of updating. While I could have built a site from scratch, as I have in the past, using a content system takes far less time to which frees up much more time for creating art.

In addition to examples of my work, you will also find links to my primary social media outlets, which are often the first place I publish my art.  Most importantly, there is the blog itself.  From here, you will find not just articles about my travels, but also links to my latest projects, commentary on art and culture, and whatever else suits my fancy.  Take a look around and come back from time to time.

One thing never changes: things are always changing.