Friday, August 1, 2014

Aspiring New Movie Critic

I bet you're asking yourself, “What qualifies this guy to critique movies.” My best qualification is that I love movies. I have been a movie buff my entire life. While I enjoy just about every movie genera, my personal favorites are science fiction, fantasy, and action films. However, I have other qualifications besides just being a movie buff. I spent nine years studying 3-D animation and visual effects at the Savannah College of Art and Design and the University of Illinois. During that time, I learned how to critique not only my own work, but also the work of my peers and colleagues. I spent many hours watching and analyzing movies, not only for their plots and acting, but also to critique their visual effects, both digital and physical. I also spent most of my spare time through college learning the art of photography. As it turned out, the art of the lens turned out to be my true vocation. However, I still love movies and plan on talking about on a semi-regular basis. What's the point of having a soapbox if you don't actually use it.

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